Edited Books & Special Issues

IEEE/ACM TCBB vol. 15(4), 2018

LNCS Vol. 10457, 2018

Vol 51 (1), FMSD, 2017

LNBI Vol. 9859, CMSB 2016

Vol. 4, STTT 2016

LNCS Vol. 9333, RV 2015

Vol. 236, Inf & Comp 2014

LNCS Vol. 7976, SPIN 2013

News about me !!

Cronache Maceratesi 2018:

UNICAM news 2018:

March 2015 - Rigorous Systems Engineering continues to rise and shine

December 2014 - "Laufbahnstelle" for Ezio Bartocci

January 2014 - Habilitation as Associate Professor in Italy

March-April 2013 - My GPU simulations featured on Cover of Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Nov. 2011 - Post Doc of the Month (Interview)

Sep. 2011 - Best Paper Award (RV 2011)

July 2011 - From chaos to cures (Cornell University)

Jan. 2011 - CMACS Researchers Perform First Automated Formal Analysis of Realistic Cardiac Cell Model

UNICAM news:

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I am very lucky to work currently with these awesome people:
Anna Lukina

PhD student (co-supervised) funded by the FWF RISE/SHiNE project and FWF LogiCS DK

Joint papers with Anna in DBLP

Emily Neufield

PhD funded (supervised) by the Doctoral College on Resilient Embedded Systems

Starting from October 2018

Ana Oliveira da Costa

PhD student (supervised) funded by FWF LogiCS DK

Starting from September 2018

Dipl. Ing. Denise Ratasich

Project assistant funded by the FFG IoT4CPS project

Joint papers with Denise in DBLP

Lilly Maria Treml

PhD funded (supervised) by the Doctoral College on Resilient Embedded Systems

Starting from October 2018

Alumni - master, doctoral and postdoctoral students that I have advised or co-advised.
Dr. Mohamed Amin Ben Sassi

Postdoc (supervised) funded by FWF RISE/SHiNE project

Joint paper with Amin

Dr. Konstantin Selyunin

PhD student (co-supervised) funded by FFG HARMONIA project

Joint papers with Konstantin in DBLP

Dipl. Ing. Bernhard Wimmer

Master student (supervised) at TU Wien

Dipl. Ing. Csaba Vaczula

Master student (supervised) at TU Wien

Visiting students:
Simone Silvetti

PhD student from University of Udine, Italy

Joint papers with Simone in DBLP

Group Picture (in 2016)